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Young Enterprise


Mr N. Stewart

Each year, from September to April, The Young Enterprise Company Programme offers pupils the opportunity to form and manage a small business. In a competitive job market, involvement with Young Enterprise enables Year 13 pupils to enhance their CVs with experience in one of the following roles:

  • Managing Director

  • Company Secretary

  • Finance Director

  • Marketing Director

  • Sales Director

  • Human Resources Director

  • Production Director

  • IT Director

Company members occupying each of these roles are assisted by one or more deputies.

Pupils aim to design, name, market and sell an innovative product. The life cycle of each company involves Trade Fair competitions located in Omagh and Belfast. Omagh Academy’s highly successful stalls have also been set up at Gibson Primary and Omagh County Primary.

Additionally, pupils have appeared in local primary schools, newspapers and on the radio as part of the process of product promotion.

Pupils mix creativity, co-operation and enthusiasm to create an experience which develops both their professional skills and friendships.

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