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Learning Support

Since the implementation of the 1986 Education (Northern Ireland)  Order, Omagh Academy has maintained an SEN register of those pupils for whom special educational provision has to be made. A whole school approach to SEN has been adopted by Omagh Academy and the philosophy behind the Academy’s strategy is:


(a)    To provide all children with full access to the curriculum as far as possible

(b)   To educate the young people in Omagh Academy to achieve the highest academic standards according to their ability.

(c)    To promote a varied and flexible approach to Teaching and Learning.

(d)   To develop the gifts and talents of young people for the good of themselves and others.

(e)    To promote partnership between pupils, staff and parents.


The school buildings have excellent wheelchair access and a lift is provided to move permanently or temporarily disabled pupils between floors. Clear procedures are in place for collaborating with outside agencies on behalf of those pupils on the Register who are Stage 3 – 5.

SENCO: Mrs. S Davidson

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