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Ethos & Values

Omagh Academy is a co-educational controlled grammar school.  This means that we are open to all and welcome applications from boys and girls throughout the Omagh Area.  Our goal is to educate the young people entrusted to our care to achieve the highest academic standards according to their ability, and to develop their gifts and talents for the good of themselves and of others.

At the Academy we aim to:

Educate and develop pupils to the highest standards according to their ability, providing equal opportunity for all, and promoting the fulfilment of each pupil’s potential in the academic, cultural and sporting fields;

  • Provide an orderly and caring learning environment which combines high expectations with the support necessary to challenge and fully develop pupils intellectually, morally and socially;

  • Engender a sense of community, loyalty and mutual respect within the School, and promote a partnership between pupils, staff and parents;

  • Encourage positive engagement with the wider community;

  • Foster initiative and independent judgement, and encourage pupils to take responsibility for their conduct, learning and future plans;

  • Promote the development of the self-discipline, confidence, knowledge and skills that are required to progress in modern society and the World of Work, including entrepreneurial skills and those related to the use of new technologies;

  • Provide appropriate information to allow pupils to make informed decisions on personal, social and environmental issues;

  • Cultivate an attitude of service to others.

Essentially we believe that the interests of pupils are best served by a balanced education based on Christian values, tradition and tolerance.

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