Each year the school selects a group of Year 14 pupils to act as Prefects.  Prefects assist the staff at major school events and in the day-to-day running of the school by performing a range of duties allocated to them.  Two Prefects are assigned to each of the classes in Years 8-10.  These Prefects help the Form Teacher with administration and spend time getting to know the pupils in their classes. In this way pupils in the junior school are able to establish a friendly relationship with the older pupils, building a strong school community spirit.  Form Prefects will be assigned to a subset of the class and are responsible for checking: 

  • Homework diaries (weekly)

  • Standard of uniform (daily)

  • Assisting the Form Teacher with administration and Pastoral Care

Head Boy

- Luke Hamill


- Jason King

- Nathan McClure

Head Girl

- Katie Beattie


- Emma Hamilton

- Holly Loughlin


Jack Beattie

Ethan Bell

David Braden

Tom Cowan 

Thomas Managh 

Jack McFarland

Matthew McIlwaine

Sam McLaren

Jack McMaster

Aaron Milligan

Luke O’Donnell

Adam Pollock

Jake Reid

Warren Stewart

Jamie Wood

Ella Adams 

Alice Brunt

Molly Buchanan

Damaris Condy

Amy Crankshaw

Melissa Fenton

Abigail Forbes 

Tamzyn Harpur

Grace Hawkes

Danielle Hilley

Grace Irwin 

Erin McCann

Jo-Ann McCay

Rebecca McCutcheon

Mia Nethery

Georgia Pentland

Sarah Thompson

Ivanna Wallace

Lauren Warnock