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Each year the school selects a group of Year 14 pupils to act as Prefects.  Prefects assist the staff at major school events and in the day-to-day running of the school by performing a range of duties allocated to them.  Two Prefects are assigned to each of the classes in Years 8-10.  These Prefects help the Form Teacher with administration and spend time getting to know the pupils in their classes. In this way pupils in the junior school are able to establish a friendly relationship with the older pupils, building a strong school community spirit.  Form Prefects will be assigned to a subset of the class and are responsible for checking: 

  • Homework diaries (weekly)

  • Standard of uniform (daily)

  • Assisting the Form Teacher with administration and Pastoral Care

Head Boy

- Andrew Carson


- Alan Carson

- Daragh Logan

Head Girl

- Charlotte Rogers


- Leah Bogle

- Carolyn McDowell



Daniel Armstrong

Luke Barker

Reece Braden

Alan Carson

Andrew Carson

Alex Colhoun

Henry Dunbar

Aaron Freedman

Ben Hamilton

Carl Logan

Darragh Logan

Kenneth McCormack

Robbie Mitchell


Daisy Adams

Jane Anderson

Sandra Bartkowiak

Anna-Beth Beattie

Leah Bogle

Sophie Bradshaw

Sarah-Louise Caldwell

Abigail Cairns

Olivia Campbell

Nicole Carey

Joanne Clingen

Ellie Duncan

Naomi Duncan-Todd

Jolena Gibson

Lucy Giles

Kaitlin Gilliland

Jessica Hamilton

Ayla Johnston

Karen King

Halle Lapham

Jill Liggett

Emma Marechaux

Carolyn McDowell

Bethany McKernan

Simran Mehra

Zoe Mitchell

Anne Moore

Ava Moore

Lara Preston

Lucy Reid

Amy-Lee Robinson

Charlotte Rogers

Jessica Swann

Lucy Wilson