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School Library

The School Library, a bright, attractive environment housing over 7000 books, is professionally staffed and fully computerised.  The library offers the use of a number of computers with a wide range of software and internet access and is regarded as a centre for both learning and enjoyment.  Pupil Librarians assist in the library, promoting reading as well as taking responsibility for displays and helping with general library management.

Pupils in the Junior School have timetabled English classes in the library.  There is an extensive stock of up-to-date fiction and pupils are encouraged to read widely and regularly.  At other times the library is available for private study. 

Teachers of other subjects are welcome to make use of the library with their classes.  Arrangements for this can be made in advance with the librarian.

Owing to popular demand the library is open daily before school, at breaktime and lunchtime. 

Librarians 2023/24

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