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With 93% of grades in the A*-C range, and 61% of all grades at A*-A, pupils at Omagh Academy have celebrated an excellent set of A Level results. 62% of pupils taking A Levels in Omagh Academy achieved at least 2 A*-A grades in their A Level qualifications. Among the many exceptional individual achievements, special mention must be made of the outstanding performance of Anne Moore who achieved 4 A* grades as well as Sarah-Louise Caldwell, Aaron Freedman, Daragh Logan, Carolyn McDowell and Lara Preston who all achieved 4 grades at A* or A. Karen King, Kenneth McCormack and Charlotte Rogers each achieved 3 A* or As and 1 B. Sophie Bradshaw, Naomi Duncan-Todd and Zoe Mitchell achieved 3 A* grades and a further 24 pupils achieved 3 grades at A* or A: Jane Anderson, Luke Barker, Poppy Baxter, Anna-Beth Beattie, Leah Bogle, Megan Bogle, Abigail Cairns, Andrew Carson, Joanne Clingen, Rachel Finlay, Lucy Giles, Kaitlin Gilliland, Ayla Johnston, Jill Liggett, Carl Logan, Emma Marechaux, Bethany McKernan, Robbie Mitchell, Emma Rainey, Amy-Lee Robinson, Jessica Swann, Jessica Underwood, Ava Moore and Lucy Young. In addition, 20 final year pupils are highly commended on achieving 2 grades at A* or A in their profile: Daisy Adams, Daniel Armstrong, Sandra Bartkowiak, Reece Braden, Olivia Campbell, Alan Carson, Alex Colhoun, Bethan Dobbin, Henry Dunbar, Ellie Duncan, Jolena Gibson, Jessica Hamilton, Adam Hetherington, Simran Mehra, Emma Patterson, Lucy Reid, Jacky Shi, Garrison Sproule, Bethany Wallace and Lucy Wilson.

At AS level, pride of place goes to all 11 pupils who achieved 4 A Grades: Emma Clarke, Christine Clements, Ben Henderson, Emma Isherwood, Alex McCay, Cara McClure, Savannah Milligan, Ella Monaghan, Rachel Patterson, Hannah Sproule and Rachel Wilson. Joy Alexander, Aaron Armstrong, David Bingham, Rebecca Comac, Sophia Gogritchiani, Joe Harper, Molly Henderson, Daniel Hetherington, Mia Nixon, Jessica Orr and Hannah Rankin all achieved 3 A Grades and 1 B and Cameron Wilson achieved 3 A Grades and 1 C. In addition, 6 pupils achieved 3 A grades: Sophie Alexander, Kimi Chambers, Connor Huey, Molly Managh, Jessica Rennie and Adam Thompson. A further 13 pupils achieved 2 A grades in their profile: Alice Cowan, Joshua Dennison, Katie Ewing, Zara Gillis, Sara Hamilton, Charlie Henderson, Sam Irvine, Drew Patterson, Lucy Patterson, Olivia Pinder, Adam Ross, Bailey Smyth, and Lisa Taleni.

Commenting on the results the Principal, Ruth Maxwell, said “I am delighted for the pupils of Omagh Academy, who deserve the highest commendation for their hard work and congratulations on their outstanding achievements especially in the most challenging circumstances. This has been another extremely difficult year for our young people, their teachers and support staff and parents. I am extremely impressed with how our young people have coped and adapted, of the resilience and dignity they have shown, and in doing so how they have matured and learned new skills.”

Mrs Maxwell continued: “We wish our Year 14 leavers much happiness, fulfilment and success in their futures and we sincerely thank each of them for the all contributions they have made to our school. We are proud of them all. We look forward to welcoming our AS pupils back to school in September and we hope that during the 2022-23 academic year we may enjoy the full and rich experience of school life.”

Mrs Maxwell also said that she wanted to pay tribute to the Academy staff for their dedication, commitment and hard work, especially in the context of the exceptional and unprecedented circumstances of the last two years, as well as to pay tribute to her colleagues in our primary schools who created the foundation for the success enjoyed by the pupils. Mrs Maxwell also wished to thank the parents for their continued support and encouragement.


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