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Education 2 Enterprise Shared Education Programme

In collaboration with Arvalee, Omagh High School, Loreto Grammar and C.B.S. Omagh, Year 10 pupils from Omagh Academy have started on the next cycle of the Education 2 Enterprise Shared Education programme. This programme aims to inspire young people to be entrepreneurs, help them to develop key employability/entrepreneurial skills and allow them to meet young people from a range of traditions and backgrounds.

The programme is facilitated by Omagh Enterprise Company and will continue next academic year. Ten Omagh Academy pupils from Year 10 with an interest in business and entrepreneurship have embarked on this new cycle of the Education 2 Enterprise programme. Standby over the coming months for updates on their journey! Thanks to Mr Bingham (Head of Business Studies) for being Omagh Academy's link teacher for this worthwhile programme.

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