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Mock Road Traffic Collison Demonstration

On Monday the 20th of November, the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service, in conjunction with the PSNI, organised a mock Road Traffic Collision demonstration at Omagh Academy. This was part of Road Safety Week in the local district council area.

Four Academy pupils volunteered to play the role of passengers in a car driven by a young driver that was involved in a mock accident. The four pupils were cut out of the car by Fire Officers using cutting apparatus. The PSNI arrived in the immediate aftermath of the mock accident. All pupils from Year 13 and 14 observed the procedure from start to finish.

Year 13 and 14 pupils from Omagh High School were also present to observe the demonstration. Paddy Quinn from the Fire Service and Peter Thompson from the PSNI narrated the mock incident so pupils knew what was going on from start to finish.

Thanks to Karen McDowell and Paddy Quinn from NIFRS, and to Peter Thompson from the PSNI for running the event. Also thanks to our four Year 14 pupils who were the ‘occupants’ of the car in this mock RTC – Socrates Christodoulou, Callum Armstrong, Rachel Bleakley and Melissa Woods (pictured).

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