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Psychology Society

The Psychology Society or ‘Psych Soc’ was formed in October 2010 and senior psychology students take on the roles of Chair and Secretary. Mr A also keeps a watchful eye over proceedings!

The society focuses on developing Psychology outside of the classroom and seeing how it impacts on the wider community. 


Omagh Academy prides itself on academic and extra-curricular success and the Psychology department has lived up to this image with its annual participation in the A-Level Conference organised by the British Psychology Society. 


Each year students plan and implement their own piece of research, based around an area of psychological interest. They then are invited (if successful) to present this to other schools and academic professors at Queen’s University.


 We are proud to say we have come away as the ‘Best researchers’ on two occasions and runners up twice also. This is a tribute to the extra work put in by our dedicated students.

Other previous events have included:

  • Film Shows

  • Debates

  • University visits

  • Discussions

  • and much more!

All very interesting stuff…so listen out for the developments throughout the year!

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