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Welcome to Our School

Since its foundation in 1903, Omagh Academy has been closely identified with the town; however, our pupils also come from a wide geographical area, and from all religious and ethnic backgrounds. The school community aims for excellence, combining technological advances and innovative approaches to learning and teaching with the best traditional values  and standards of behaviour. 

We take pride in the many achievements of present and past pupils. Our pupils are among the highest achievers in public examinations in Northern Ireland  and are successful in gaining admission to the top universities. Former pupils of Omagh Academy  can be found playing important  roles in many countries and settings, and making significant and valuable contributions to their communities. 

Pupils flourish when they are happy and well-motivated, and it is important for each boy and girl to have the freedom to develop as an individual. We therefore ensure that pastoral care has a high priority and our pupils enjoy learning in a friendly, caring  and responsive social environment.


We value our relationships with parents and strive to develop a sense of partnership within and beyond the school community. Special emphasis is placed on fostering a sense of responsibility among pupils and on cultivating leadership skills  in combination with an attitude of service to others. We also value the links that we have developed with other schools locally, nationally  and, especially, internationally.

Our commitment to the development of the young person as a well-rounded individual is reflected in the numerous cultural and sporting activities that continue outside the classroom  and beyond the normal school day. 

Omagh Academy provides a  modern curriculum and a rich educational experience that extends beyond traditional academic subjects to include a range of more practically based courses and excellent extracurricular provision. We feel that  pupils leave our school with a  head start in life. 

I hope that you find the snapshot of  life at Omagh Academy offered in  this prospectus interesting and informative, and I look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Mrs Ruth Maxwell


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