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Physical Education

P.E. Department Aim

-to provide a broad and balanced programme of activities providing all pupils with the opportunity to develop physically, intellectually, socially and morally.

Our objectives include:

  • Developing the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of exercise, fitness and health and the minimum requirements necessary to acquire these.

  • Acquiring and developing fundamental and advanced motor and perceptual motor skills.

  • Developing the pupils’ ability to evaluate and improve performance.

  • Exposing pupils to individual and team competition, to develop life-long skills such as leadership, teamwork, commitment, communication and confidence.

Head Of Department

Mrs L. Dickson BSc

P.G.C.E. MEd


Mr R. Hunter BSc P.G.C.E

Miss G. Frazer BSc P.G.C.E.

P.E. Provision

Physical Education and Games

Pupils’ physical activity lessons comprise of either PE or Games. Traditionally our school describes the afternoon PE lessons as ‘Games’ and the other Physical Education lesson as ‘PE’. The main difference is that ‘Games’ lessons are used to deliver most of the activities that are continued into our extra curricular programme. Pupils who want to compete in these activities may develop their skills to a higher level. Those not wishing to be involved in extra curricular sports are still taught to develop skills in a range of activities.

Time Allocation

  • Key Stage 3 (Years 8 to 10), all pupils have a double period of PE and a double period of Games per week (2 x 70 minutes).

By the end of Key Stage 3 each pupil will have received 140 minutes of physical activity per week, which is in excess of the current Department of Education guidelines of 120 mins per week.

  • Key Stage 4 - 5 (Years 11 – 14) pupils have 1 period of PE (1 x 35 minutes) and 1 double period of Games. (1 x 70 mins)

(N.B. Exercise recommendations for children up to 18 years old = 1 hour 5-7 days of the week). The Principal and Board of Governors are committed to a comprehensive Physical Education programme. The time allocated to PE clearly reflects this.

Activities available within the PE Curriculum:

Hockey (Girls and Boys), Rugby (Boys and Girls), Cross-Country, Athletics, Netball, Basketball, Badminton, Football, Handball, Cricket, Tennis, Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Rounders, Softball and Swimming.

Senior pupils also have access to a variety of activities in the local Leisure Centre.

Assessment Procedure

PE staff assess all pupils by:

  • Observation of performance (live or video) in practices and competitive situations.

  • Question and answer sessions in class.

  • Skill and fitness testing.


Sport and Games play an integral part in Omagh Academy School life. As well as statutory Games time, there are many opportunities for pupils to get involved in the extra-curricular programme after school and at weekends. The following policy statement for Sport and Games in the school outlines the range of our facilities and the activities that are provided.

Policy Statement for Sport and Games

The school emphasises the importance of participation, aiming to help as many young people as possible taking part in and enjoying sport and games.

The school measures its success in sport and games in many ways, from the variety of activities available, to the numbers of pupils taking part. However, the principal criterion against which success is measured is whether the young people involved in any sporting activity have been sufficiently engaged to further their participation when they leave school and go on into adult life.

Omagh Academy of course prides itself in the popularity and success of team competition, with Hockey and Rugby being the main competitive School Sports, both of which are detailed further in the ‘Extra-Curricular’ section of the website. Cross Country and Athletics is traditionally strong in Omagh Academy, especially in the Spring and Summer terms when we enjoy success at District, Ulster and Irish levels.

Whilst success and competitiveness are both endorsed, Omagh Academy promotes the importance of adhering to rules of activities, and also the wider framework of good sportsmanship and fair play when competing against other schools and teams.

Future Plans

The Department identifies the following as continuing aims and objectives:

  • To maintain the present range of sporting opportunities and provide further opportunities for new sporting activities where it is possible to do so.

  • To ensure that all the members of staff involved with the coaching of sport and games are well-prepared and have the most up-to-date information about the rules which they are asked to apply and all relevant health and safety considerations.

PE Kit and School Tracksuit

The PE kit is available through our school uniform provider Wattersons.

Girls PE Kit

  • Navy T-Shirt with amber and white trim

  • Navy Skort

  • Navy and amber hockey socks

Boys PE Kit

  • Navy T-Shirt with amber and white trim

  • Navy Shorts

  • Navy and amber rugby socks

  • Junior rugby shirt (only compulsory if part of a junior rugby squad).

ALL PUPILS must have a gum shield (available from PE Department). Girls must also have a hockey stick and shin guards. It is highly recommended that pupils wear this safety equipment whilst participating in these sports.


School tracksuit

Tracksuit orders are normally ordered online, normally in the Autumn term and in June. The PE Department will always froward information prior to these times. The PE Department strongly recommends that pupils purchase the tracksuit as it is very useful in the cold, wet winter months. Pupils involved in any school sport must represent the school wearing a school tracksuit.



The school is well provided for, with the following facilities nearby:

  • One Astro-turf hockey pitch and access to another

  • Three rugby pitches

  • One cricket square

  • A purpose built Sports Hall

  • Use of the main School Assembly Hall

  • A modern fitness suite (since 2013)

  • Access to the local leisure centre



Please visit our Omagh Academy Physical Education facebook page for regular photos, videos and updates.


For more information about our sporting extra-curricular provision please visit the extra-curricular section on the website.



Omagh Academy has introduced GCSE Physical Education to the Curriculum in September 2014 for first exam entry in Summer 2016.


GCSE Physical Education provides opportunities for students to develop and apply their knowledge, skills and understanding of Physical Education through selected activities. The course aims to promote the importance of physical activity for healthy lifestyles, and to improve a student’s awareness of the factors that affect participation and performance.


Main aims of the course are to help students:

  • improve their fitness levels and skills through a range of physical activities;

  • improve their performance in different types of physical activity and roles such as player, participant, leader and official;

  • develop their ability to take part independently and successfully in different types of physical activity;

  • develop and continue their involvement in physical activity as part of a healthy, active lifestyle;

  • be aware of and appreciate their own and others’ cultures in the area of physical education;

  • be creative and develop decision-making skills to help them plan for performances and respond to changing situations; and

  • make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices.


Entry Criteria


Students will need to carefully consider all elements involved in the programme of study. A keen interest in all aspects of Physical Education and Sport is essential along with a history of committed participation in extra-curricular activities.

Students must regularly participate in at least one school sport, and preferably two before they will be accepted on this course. This is essential if they wish to be successful in this subject, as they will be assessed on their practical ability in three activities.

Methods of Assessment


GCSE Physical Education is divided into three components:


Component 1: External Assessment: Written Examination 1 hour 15 minutes (25%)

Component 2: External Assessment: Written Examination 1 hour 15 minutes (25%)

Component 3: Individual Performance in Physical Activities and Sports & Analysis of Performance (50%)

Course Content and Aims

This specification aims to encourage students to:

  • develop an appreciation of physical education in a wide range of contexts;

  • develop theoretical knowledge and understanding of health and performance to evaluate and improve these in physical activities and sports;

  • understand how the physiological and psychological state affects health and performance in physical activities and sports;

  • perform efficiently, effectively and consistently in different physical activities and sports by developing their physical fitness, skills and techniques;

  • select and use strategies, tactics and/or compositional ideas;

  • develop their ability to analyse, evaluate and implement safe, appropriate and effective plans to improve health and performance in physical activities and sports;

  • develop knowledge and understanding of the active leisure industry and how it contributes to developing good health and outstanding physical performance;

  • develop knowledge and understanding of successful event management and be able to plan active leisure events.

GCSE Physical Education is divided into 3 components


Component 1:

Factors Underpinning Health and Performance

Students develop a knowledge and understanding of:

  • The body at work

  • Health and lifestyle decisions

  • The active leisure industry

Component 2:

Developing Performance

  • Developing physical fitness and its importance for health and for efficient and effective performances.

  • Developing skilled performance.


Component 3:

Individual Performance in Physical Activities and Sports

a) Students are assessed on the quality of their own performances in physical activities and/ or sports.

  • Complete individual performances in three different physical activities and/or sports from the extensive CCEA approved list.

  • For one physical activity or sport, the assessment may be based on the consistent quality of the student’s performance as an events manager.

b) Analysis of performance: Students are assessed on the consistent quality of their analysis and evaluation of their own and others’ performances


Career Opportunities

A GCSE in Physical Education would be beneficial for student’s considering careers in:

  • Teaching/ lecturing

  • Sports development and coaching

  • Podiatry

  • Physiotherapy

  • Dietetics

  • Sports manager/ coaching/ official/ administrator

  • Professional sports

  • Gym/ fitness instruction/ personal training

  • Leisure/ recreation management

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