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Italian Further Studies

Teacher in Charge Mrs S Henderson

This Further Studies option is open to pupils in Year 13 who are taking 3 AS levels. The pupils meet for three periods per week for an introduction to Italian in a fun, relaxed setting. 

The exam at the end of the year, GOML 2 Italian, provides a sound base for further studies at a more advanced level, particularly GCSE. It builds on the knowledge, skills and understanding acquired at the initial stage of language learning and takes the student, in a series of short, manageable and clearly defined steps, to the threshold of GCSE. 

End-of-course tests in the four attainment targets of listening and responding, speaking, reading and responding and writing are available. Assessment at each of the four levels is through a combination of written papers and a speaking test. The examination components are as follows: 

Component 1 Listening - weighting: 25–30% 

Component 2 Speaking - weighting: 25% 

Component 3 Reading - weighting: 15–25%

Component 4 Writing - weighting: 25–30%




1 Myself and Others

(a) Self, family and friends

(b) Home life and daily routine

(c) Hobbies and interests

(d) School


2 My Locality

(a) Weather


3 Travel and Holidays

(a) Getting around

(b) Public services

(c) Shopping

(d) On holiday (At the café)

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