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History Society

We have enjoyed talks from many interesting speakers.  Below is the account of Baroness O'Loan's visit to Omagh Academy.


On Friday, 26th November Baroness Nuala O’Loan paid a visit to OmaghAcademy where she addressed senior pupils in the school’s History and Politics Society.  In a wide ranging address Baroness O’Loan offered an insight into the workings of the House of Lords and provided detail of her personal contribution to the proceedings in the Lords.  She then turned to her former role as Police Ombudsman in Northern Ireland (1999 – 2007) and provided an overview of the recent developments of policing and justice in the province.  The baroness recalled specific cases in describing the contribution of the Police Ombudsman’s office to the peace process.

Following the lecture Baroness O’Loan took questions from the students who probed their guest on her views on security and the current political set-up in bothWestminster and Stormont.  The visit was brought to a close when Christopher Smyth proposed a vote of thanks on behalf of the students and made a presentation from the History and Politics Society.  Baroness O’Loan replied by praising the Academy pupils for their knowledge and interest and declared her intention to report on the very positive nature of the occasion to the Lord Speaker’s office in Parliament.

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