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AQE 2022 - Applying for Special Circumstances

The process of applying for Special Circumstances (2022/2023 cycle)

1. Download the SC23 form (word or PDF version)

- SC23 (Word Document)

- SC23 (PDF)

2. Gather the appropriate evidence required to validate the claim  (e.g. doctors notes etc).

3. All documentation relating to Special Circumstances/Provisions should be uploaded to the EA Portal as part of your transfer application.

Transfer Into 2023

AQE information - for entry to Omagh Academy in September 2023

Registration for AQE assessments has opened. This applies to pupils wishing to begin Year 8 at Omagh Academy in September 2023. 

Full details of registration and AQE procedures can be found at this website.

The three AQE assessments will take place on the following Saturdays at 10am:

  • 19th November 2022

  • 26th November 2022

  • 3rd December 2022

A provisional date for the issue of results will be Saturday 4th February 2023.

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