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AQE 2022 - Applying for Special Circumstances

The process of applying for Special Circumstances (2022/2023 cycle)

1. Download the SC23 form (word or PDF version)

- SC23 (Word Document)

- SC23 (PDF)

2. Gather the appropriate evidence required to validate the claim  (e.g. doctors notes etc).

3. All documentation relating to Special Circumstances/Provisions should be uploaded to the EA Portal as part of your transfer application.

Transfer Into 2023

AQE information - for entry to Omagh Academy in September 2023

Registration for AQE assessments has opened. This applies to pupils wishing to begin Year 8 at Omagh Academy in September 2023. 

Full details of registration and AQE procedures can be found at this website. https://aqe.org.uk

The three AQE assessments will take place on the following Saturdays at 10am:

  • 19th November 2022

  • 26th November 2022

  • 3rd December 2022

A provisional date for the issue of results will be Saturday 4th February 2023.