Tractor at Work



Mrs A. Lennox (Head of Department)

Mr K. Hamilton

Department Aims




In 2019, student James Hawkes achieved top overall mark in GCSE Agriculture and Land Use in Northern Ireland.

He was also presented with the ‘Harper Adams Award’.



Our GCSE Agriculture and Land Use is an applied qualification in which students develop knowledge, understanding and skills through practical demonstration and/or in a context related to employability.


ALevel Equivalent

(pearson edexcel btec level 3 National extended certificate in Agriculture)

Four units to be completed over two years. This includes 75 hours of work experience with an employer in the sector, where opportunities will be given to develop practical skills in preparation for employment.



The Agriculture Department at Omagh Academy aims to provide students with up-to-date and relevant Agriculture education, equipping them with life-long skills. Subject content is supplemented by the GrassRoots Agriculture Club in the school.

  • Farm Visits

  • Expert Speakers

  • Factory Tours

  • Interviews

  • Questionnaires



Northern Ireland has a strong rural tradition, with almost 75 percent of land used for agricultural purposes. The agri-food industry contributes hugely to the local economy, representing employment for around 50,000 people in farms, factories and the Agri-food sector.

Students with qualifications in Agriculture often go on to have interesting and successful careers in the Agri-food industry – one of Northern Ireland’s largest employers.

Other job examples include estate or farm management, agricultural consultancy, agricultural sales, surveyor in rural practice, agronomist or feed nutritionist.