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Key Points

Key Points

1. Omagh Academy will continue to use academic ability as a criterion for admission in September 2020.


2. Pupils seeking admission to Omagh Academy should sit the Common Entrance Assessment (CEA) test run by the Association for Quality Education (AQE). This test has been used for admission for the past nine years commencing in 2010.


3. Pupils must register with the AQE for this test before 6th September 2019 and, regrettably, enclose a fee of £50 with the application. This fee will be waived if the application is accompanied by proof that the child is entitled to Free School Meals. Please refer to the application form for further details.


4. About the CEA test:

The test consists of three 1 hour papers sat in the Grammar School;

It is based on the primary school curriculum in English and Mathematics;

Pupils may sit 2 or all 3 papers with only the best two results counting.


5. Practice Papers and preparation:

  • A sample paper and up to 24 practice papers are available at www.aqe.org.uk or on request from the Omagh Academy Office;

  • Pre-2010 Transfer Test papers can be used if the science questions are excluded.


6. Tests will take place on:

Saturday, 9th November 2019

Saturday, 23rd November 2019

Saturday, 30th November 2019.


7.  Results sent to parents on Saturday 25th January 2020.


8. Further information is available at www.omaghacademy.com  or by contacting the School (tel. 028 82242688, e-mail info@omaghacademy.omagh.ni.sch.uk).

Admission to Omagh Academy in September 2020


You may be aware that Omagh Academy, in common with many other grammar schools in Northern Ireland, operates the AQE Common Entrance Assessment for pupils applying for admission to the school in Year 8. 


In order to provide information about our admission procedures we are inviting the parents of all pupils in Year 6 to a meeting at 7:00pm on Tuesday, 21st May 2019 in the Academy.  The meeting will consist of a short presentation followed by questions and should last no longer than 40 minutes.


Please note that the meeting is intended for parents only. Pupils will have an opportunity to visit Omagh Academy at a later date.  Parking will be available in the school car park from 6.40pm.


Your child’s primary school principal has also received an invitation to this meeting. 


I hope that you will be able to attend and look forward to meeting you. Any parent unable to attend or who would like further information/clarification regarding admission to Omagh Academy is invited to contact me by telephone.