Admission to Year 8

Induction for Year 8 Pupils at Omagh Academy

We want all pupils to enjoy their time at Omagh Academy. We believe that it is important that pupils find the transition from Primary School to Omagh Academy as stress-free as possible. Induction at Omagh Academy does not begin on 1st September each year. As the timeline below shows, induction starts in Primary 6.

January of Primary 6

The Year 8 Form teachers and Year Head visit Primary 6 pupils (along with the Primary 7 pupils) to invite them to our January Open Evening.

May of Primary 6

Parents of Primary 6 pupils are invited to Omagh Academy for an information evening about the AQE test procedure.

June of Primary 6

Pupils from all feeder Primary Schools are invited into Omagh Academy for two hours, during which they have an opportunity to take part in activities – for example, cook in Home Economics, play sports with the PE department and drum in a Samba band in the Music Department.

Autumn of Primary 7

Pupils sit the AQE Transfer Test in Omagh Academy. This takes place over three Saturday mornings. Prior to the first Saturday the Primary 7 pupils come into the school on an evening simply to familiarise themselves with the building, the classroom where they shall be taking the examination and meet the teacher who will be invigilating the first examination.


January of Primary 7

The Year 8 Form teachers and Year Head visit Primary Schools to invite pupils to Omagh Academy’s January Open Evening.

January of Primary 7

Pupils and parents come to the Open Evening at Omagh Academy. Mr Hill will address pupils and parents in the Assembly Hall. Prefects and teachers will lead pupils and parents on a tour of the school. Parents will be given a school prospectus.

February/March of Primary 7

Pupils receive the results of their AQE Transfer Test. Parents later complete forms outlining their post-primary school choices.

May/June of Primary 7

Pupils discover which post-primary school they will be attending.

June of Primary 7

The Head of Year 8 and other teachers visit feeder primary schools inviting pupils to the upcoming Primary 7 Induction Evening at Omagh Academy. During these visits the teachers tell the pupils which classes they will be in and answer any questions. The main purpose of these visits is to minimise any anxiety the pupils may have about transferring to a new school. (Not possible in June 2020)

June of Primary 7

Parents and pupils have the opportunity to visit the school display of recommended sportswear and equipment and purchase what the pupils require. (Not possible in June 2020)

June of Primary 7

The Primary 7 Induction Night takes place. Mrs Maxwell and Mr Bingham, the Head of Year 8, address parents whilst the pupils meet their form teachers and new class mates in their form rooms. Pupils are given a “What You Need To Know” booklet. (Shortened Version in June 2020)

August of Year 8

Pupils attend a Fun and Games Night at Omagh Academy. Pupils take part in a variety of activities – football, hockey, craft workshops and internal and external treasure hunts.

27th and 28th August of Year 8

Year 8 pupils attend two Induction mornings at Omagh Academy. They spend time with their form teachers and form prefects and then go on a school timetable tour when they find their classrooms and meet their subject teachers.

1st September of Year 8

Exactly which pupils attend on 1st September 2020 to be confirmed in mid-August by letter.

Mid-September of Year 8

No induction trips have been planned yet due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Throughout Year 8

The Year 8 Form Teachers and Year Head will be there for the new pupils as they settle in. Pupils are encouraged to contact their Form Teachers if they have any queries or difficulties. If parents have any queries they are encouraged to contact the Year Head, Mr Bingham, and he will look into issues raised.

A merit system is in place for Year 8 pupils and having accumulated merits in their homework diaries, pupils are awarded Merit Certificates.

December of Year 8

The Year 8 Parents’ Evening. Having received the first tracking reports, parents and pupils are invited in to speak to subject teachers about pupil progress.



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